Shore excursions or on your own (do it yourself)?

Shore excursions or on your own (do it yourself)?

Icon 6 February 2017
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Many travelers and tourists often wonder: is it better to book shore excursions or on your own plan them? Let’s togheter what you and your friends should do

After a long season of work, you deserve a long and beautiful holiday. Spending time on a cruise is an excellent idea. You can relax, have fun and make new friends. Also, if you book tours for cruises passengers, you can add more fun to your holiday.

These tours are the perfect way to do new experiences, visit foreign cities and discover ancient traditions and cultures. Many people like to travel without spending too much and always are looking for ways to save money. That’s why it is worth asking whether it is better to buy excursions packages or do it yourself.

Shore excursions or on your own: what is better?


Whether you decide to book tour packs, whether you want to organize shore excursions on you own, of course there are pros and cons. Let’s see together what are the main factors to consider:

  • People: choosing to schedule a tour on your own, the group will be smaller but you will lose the opportunity to make new friends.
  • Destinations: you’ll visit only what you like, without wasting time.
  • Duration: will be shorter and you will have more free time for shopping or try local dishes.
  • Transportation: in this case, agencies services ara guaranteed. By your own sometimes transportation may fail, in case of delays or unexpected.

However, there are two more important elements you have to consider: price (how much you save) and time (much as is needed to organize the trip). Not everyone who organizes an excursion alone save money. Ancora Tours have favorable prices without extra fees. In case of emergency, in fact, the costs may increase suddenly. And if you work or have children, it’s hard to organize a full excursion by your own. The risk is to forget something important, such as travel insurance for all participants.

Do it yourself: private shore excursions


Ancora Tours has a big offer for you: a fantastic private shore excursions service. You will be able to plan cruise tours by your own with a full agency support. This way you will have:

  • Low prices.
  • Guide, transportation and insurance, all included.
  • Service assurance.
  • Assistance before, during and after each excursion.

Check out our special offers for friends, students and over 55: save money and time with no bad surprises.

Do it yourself: group shore excursions

If you want to plan shore excursions for groups, you will find the best tours for cruise passengers in Europe, from the Baltic Sea to the Persian Gulf. Our professionals are at your disposal for any request or special need. Together we will organize your excursion so perfect, safe and cheap.

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