Group Excursions Turkey


Group Excursions Turkey

Book now the best shore excursions for private groups in Turkey. Personalized tours at low cost price.

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Book our Group Excursions Turkey, the best tours for groups and individuals, customizable to the needs and interests of each customer. The service is offered at a cost for the group, so the cost of the individual will decrease according to the number of participants. The formula Group Excursions Turkey be released from the conditions laid down in the standard service, therefore, is not subject to the achievement of a minimum number of participants (the service is available only for two people).

You can choose a service with a guide or tour leader: remember to indicate this when you book your tour, and that both will occupy a place on transportation services.

As we offer you customized tours, rates suggested can be changed, on the base of hourly availability planned for each excursion.

The best Group Excursions Turkey


Duration: half-day tour (until 1:30 PM)
Price up to 11 passengers: 375 €
Price up to 26 passengers:
500 €
Price up to 44 passengers: 665 €
Includes: official guide and transportation

Durata: day tour (7 h)
Price up to 11 passengers: 540 €
Price up to 26 passengers: 730 €
Price up to 44 passengers 975 €
Includes: official guide and transportation

Shore Excursion for groups in ISTANBUL

Symbol and pivot of the whole city of Istanbul, the Hagia Sophia is the jewel, not only the age of Justinian, but the whole of Byzantine architecture. He had three houses, of which only the last remains: erected in honor of the Holy Wisdom (Hagia Sophia in Aya Sofya in greek and turkish) Emperor Constantine, enlarged by Constantius II, was completely destroyed by fire in 404.

Rebuilt from Theodosius II, burned again during the Nika revolt in January of 532, along with other churches, thermal baths and the imperial palace. Over the centuries the church was (for 916 years), the mosque (for 482 years) and finally the museum when it was deconsecrated by order of Atatürk (founder of Republic of Turkey and the first president) in 1935.

After the Hagia Sophia, you will visit the Topkapi Palace, the Grand Bazaar (the largest covered market in the world) and, of course, the second symbol of the city: the Blue Mosque, with its 21,000 turquoise ceramic tiles embedded in the walls and in the dome. The Grand Bazaar and the Spice Market are closed on Sundays, mind Hagia Sophia is closed on Mondays. Depending on the day of your excursion and considering the monuments opening days, our guide will decide which places to visit.

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Port: Smirne
Price up to 11 passengers: 655 €
Price up to 26 passengers:
 830 €
Price up to 44 passengers: 1085 €
Includes: official guide and transportation

Port: Kusadasi
Price up to 11 passengers: 535 €
Price up to 26 passengers:
670 €
Price up to 44 passengers: 1025 €
Includes: official guide and transportation

Shore Excursion for groups in EPHESUS

Our excursion to Ephesus will concentrate in the archaeological sites of the city. In particular, we will visit the House of the Virgin: according to the Scriptures, when the apostles had to leave Jerusalem, St. John fled to Ephesus, carrying the Virgin Mary. He became pastor of the Christian Church, the death of St. Paul, professed the verb between the people of Ephesus.

At his death he was buried at the foot of the fortress and Selgiuq here was built the basilica in his name. The excavations carried out in recent times, have highlighted the cross shape of the original building and a few minutes of the Council of Ephesus. According to these, the Virgin lived in a house situated on a hill, now called Mount Nightingale, where he remained, according to tradition, until the age of 64, when he was taken up into heaven (7 €, ticket not included) .

Afterwards, we incammineremo in the area of the archaeological excavations of Ephesus (10 €, ticket not included), visiting the Library of Celsus. Willed in honor of Gaius Julius Celsus Polemaeno, illustrious figure who held them all the charges provided for in the Roman cursus honorum, the library is also the tomb of the same Celso, located under the building. Finally, we will visit the Temple of Hadrian, the Basilica of St. John and other monuments in the archaeological zone.

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Price for 44 passengers: 938 €
Includes: official guide and transportation

Shore Excursion for groups in BODRUM

Our guide will meet you at the pier to the beginning of our trip to Bodrum. We will visit the main attractions of the city. The St. Peter Castle, the Museum of Underwater Archaeology, the foundations of the Mausoleum at Halicarnassus and Amphitheatre.

After the tour you will have some ‘free time to enjoy a coffee or smoking a traditional hookah.

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Price for 44 passengers: 915 €
Includes: official guide and transportation

Shore Excursion for groups in MARMARIS

The first stop will be in Marmaris Fortress, houses the Archaeological Museum. It is assumed to have been built by the Ionians and preserved thanks to the Ottoman Empire in 1522. We will make a walk through the historic center and also visit the bazaar, considered by many the true center of Marmaris. The Bazaar is located opposite the beautiful bay and the beach; Here you can find jewelry, spices, carpets and many restaurants where you can taste the delicious local food.

then we take the bus from the port to reach Dalyan, where we will not fail to see the famous ancient tombs. Subsequently, a short boat ride, we will arrive at Caunos, historic city of Turkey, of Greek origin, founded by the river. From the cliffs above the river we can admire the facades of Lycian tombs, carved into the rock in 400 BC about.

Among the main attractions that we visit there are also the Byzantine church and Roman ruins including the amphitheater, which offers panoramic views.

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