Group Excursions Tunisia


Group Excursions Tunisia

Book now the best shore excursions for private groups in Tunisia. Personalized tours at low cost price.

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Book our Group Excursions Tunisia, the best tours for groups and individuals, customizable to the needs and interests of each customer. The service is offered at a cost for the group, so the cost of the individual will decrease according to the number of participants. The formula Group Excursions Tunisia be released from the conditions laid down in the standard service, therefore, is not subject to the achievement of a minimum number of participants (the service is available only for two people).

You can choose a service with a guide or tour leader: remember to indicate this when you book your tour, and that both will occupy a place on transportation services.

As we offer you customized tours, rates suggested can be changed, on the base of hourly availability planned for each excursion.

Group Excursions Tunisia at low cost price

Price for 52 passengers: 785 €
Includes: official guide and transportation

Shore Excursion for groups in TUNIS

The city of Tunis is presented to us in a dual role: that of a modern city, festive, full of events and places to visit, and the most characteristically “Arab”, the Medina. At the port in Tunis, our hike will start from the famous Avenue Habib Bourguba. A long way that recalls the atmosphere of the Paris Champs-Elysees and crossing from west to east the modern city, ending at the threshold of the Medina.

Here we can confuse the crowd and be guided through the old town daily. This is a visit that offers the opportunity to discover and experience the atmosphere of the place, not forgetting to visit the most beautiful palaces of the Arab era, like the Dar Hussein of the eighteenth century, which houses the National Institute of Archaeology and Art.

Getting back on our bus and driving along the Avenue Mohammed V, we arrive to the important centers of Carthage and Sidi Bou Said, known as the Saint Tropez of Tunisia. The city of Carthage, founded in the ninth century B.C., has occupied an important place in the history of the Ancient World. Came into conflict with the Romans in 256 B.C., was destroyed by them in 146 BC and from them rebuilt in A.D. 29 Today the remains testify to the greatness and magnificence of this city.

For lovers of archeology this is the ideal place to explore this historical period. A peaceful fishing village, Sidi Bou Said today it has become the meeting place for artists, young people and tourists looking for exotic vacations.

Far from being a mere tourist destination, Sidi Bou Said is a marvel of architecture: its ancient buildings painted in white and blue, completely restored, have become the symbol of Tunisia, as well as a sight to behold.

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