Group Excursions Italy


Group Excursions Italy

Book now the best shore excursions for private groups in Italy. Personalized tours at low cost price.

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Book our Group Excursions Italy, the best tours for groups and individuals, customizable to the needs and interests of each customer. The service is offered at a cost for the group, so the cost of the individual will decrease according to the number of participants. The formula Group Excursions Italy be released from the conditions laid down in the standard service, therefore, is not subject to the achievement of a minimum number of participants (the service is available only for two people).

You can choose a service with a guide or tour leader: remember to indicate this when you book your tour, and that both will occupy a place on transportation services.

As we offer you customized tours, rates suggested can be changed, on the base of hourly availability planned for each excursion.

Group Excursions Italy: the best tours


Price for 53 passengers: 1120 €
Includes: official guide and transportation

Shore Excursion for groups in ROME

Discover with us as all roads lead to Rome. Our starts right from the arch of Constantine and the Colosseum, which we will admire from outside. From there we will continue the excursion to Via dei Fori Imperiali, arriving at Piazza Venezia.

Around the famous square, we will visit the Altar of the Fatherland, the Campidoglio and the Marcello Theatre, places of historical and artistic importance of the city. The tour continues in Rome in the heart of the eternal city: Piazza di Spagna (this particular goal may be optional, if consider it appropriate), Piazza della Rotonda, where we will visit the Pantheon and Piazza Navona.

Here we will stop for a break, taking advantage to eat and to take a look at the various shops around the square. The third and last leg of our trip to Rome will be dedicated to the visit of St. Peter’s Basilica: a short visit in the building, to admire the architectural wonders and learn about the history and secrets of the Church of Rome.

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Price for 49 passengers: 795 €
Includes: official guide and transportation

Shore Excursion for groups in POMPEII and NAPLES

From the port of Naples, the bus will take us to Pompeii to start our hike. On the way we could see Vesuvius, located in the eastern side of the province of Naples. After the eruption of AD 79, which destroyed the cities of Herculaneum and Pompeii, its morphology has changed.

The caldera of 4 km in diameter is what is left of the original volcano. Vesuvius is the only active volcano in all of continental Europe.

Once in Pompeii, we visit the Temple of Apollo, the Macellum, the Houses of the Faun, and Pliny the Elder (tragic poet of ancient Rome) and other public and private buildings that were lost during the explosion of the volcano: temples, theaters, villas and, of course, and spas.

The excursion to Pompeii will last three hours, after which we return to the bus to go to Naples again, adding to our tour excursion overview of Vomero and Posillipo, accompanied by the explanations of our guide (only when the visit will last five hours, otherwise you will return directly to the port).

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Port: La Spezia
Price for 53 passengers: 1645 €
Includes: official guide and transportation

Port: Livorno
Price for 53 passengers: 1659 €
Includes: official guide and transportation

Shore Excursion for groups in FLORENCE and PISA

Pisa will be the first stop on our itinerary in the charming Florentine history and culture. Once in Pisa, we will admire the beauty of Piazza dei Miracoli and its monuments: the Leaning Tower, the Cathedral and the famous Baptistery.

The tour in Florence will start with a stroll through the streets of the old town, a guided tour to discover the illustrious Florentine past and its inhabitants, living protagonists of the city’s history. Piazza Santa Maria Novella we will move to Piazza del Duomo, where we will stop to admire the complex of the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore and its imposing dome.

Follow the Baptistery and Giotto’s bell tower, and continue towards Piazza della Signoria, contemplating the architecture and listening to the story of the eponymous palace.

The excursion will continue in Florence along the Arno River, until you reach the Ponte Vecchio. Here we look around, searching for some souvenirs, among the desks of the famous Mercato del Porcellino, named for the statue – actually depicting a boar – kept in a lodge near the place.

Our tour moves to Republic Square, and again towards the Cathedral Square, where we will be free to enjoy the city on your own and enjoy the jovial spirit of the Florentines, enjoying our coffee while we observe the majesty of the cathedral’s facade decorations, before ending the tour and return to the ship.

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