Excursions Confirmation


Ancora Tours Reservation Process


AncoraTours- Shore Excursions- was founded more than 10 years ago in order to offer cruisers high quality excursions at  low rates.

The key factor which  allows us to grant low prices is the fact that we wait to reach a minimum number of participants before confirming the tours for some cruiseships. Therefore,  we can lower the risk while keeping very cheap rates for the final customer  at the same time.

Differently, we grant immediate confirmation for other cruiseships and departures: so you will have your tours confirmed as soon as you book them!

In order to find out if your need to wait for the minimum number or if you will get the immediate confirmation you can just simulate a reservation on our booking system. You just need to select your cruiseship and the departure date and in case your excursions have already been confimed you will get the “Immediate confirmation” message beside the name of each tour.

Once you reserve the excursions we will inform you about  their confirmation status  as soon as we reach the minimum number of participants, sending you a confirmation e-mail for each of the tours you reserved. In case we do not reach the minimum number required we will inform you not later than 2-3 weeks before ship’s departure so that you will have the chance to find an alternative.

You will not be asked to pay anything upon resrevation. The payment will be done only if the excursions are confirmed and you can choose between two different payment methods: bank transfer or cash ( leaving a credit card number upon reservation in order to grant your booking). In case you select this payment method don’t worry since we will not charge anything in your card. It only represents a warranty for us in case the Contract Terms are not respected.

This is our working method and  our secret which allows us to keep low rates without giving up on quality!