Shore Excursion Sparta


Shore Excursion Sparta and Mystras

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Mystras is one of the most exciting and historic sites that the Peloponnese can offer. This shore excursion will then visit the historical warrior city of Sparta, which reached the height of its power after defeating Athens in around 400 BC.  Spartan boys started military training aged 7 so it’s no wonder the army was so feared throughout the Greek world.

Follow the footsteps of King Leonidas and his 300 spartan heroes.


Price: 32€ | Duration: 4 hours | Level Activity: Low
Extra Fees: There are no extra fees for the Gythion shore excursion
What’s eating: Strapatsada: eggs scrambled in olive oil and fresh tomato puree, seasoned with salt, pepper and oregano. Often includes feta cheese.
Souvenir: A figurine of an athletic Spartan soldier.
Dress Code: Please note the dress code recommended to enter any church. No shorts, bare shoulders or miniskirts. This applies to both men and women. Comfortable walking shoes are recommended.

Shore Excursion Sparta: itinerary

We’ll begin our Gythion shore excursion with a trip to Mystras, a major tourist destination. After around a 50-minute bus we’ll arrive at the UNESCO World Heritage Site to explore its archaeology.

During our visit to this castle town, we’ll see temples of Kristóforos Agios, Agios Nikolaos and Agios Georgios. Famous for their Byzantine architecture we’ll also visit the funerary chapel and the Palace of Mystras.

Our Gythion shore excursion will continue with a 15-minute bus ride to Sparta.

This city-state has a tough reputation. It was the home of the feared Spartan army, whose solders were essentially born and raised as warriors. In Greek mythology Sparta is the home of Menelaus and the most beautiful woman in the world, Helen of Troy.

Thankfully we’ll take a more relaxed approach to the tour; stopping at Town Square to take a stroll. From there, we’ll complete the Gythion – Sparta and Mystras shore excursion and return to the port by bus.

*Shore excursions could be subject to variations due to external causes as Cruise Companies politics, weather conditions, duration of the stay of the ship in the port, legal demonstrations