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Shore Excursions Germany

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The largest country in Central Europe unsurprisingly has a lot to offer in terms of scenery. If you’re into the great outdoors there are plenty of vast forests, rivers and mountain ranges just waiting to be explored.

In the cities, you’ll find a mix of architecture to admire, from medieval castles to Baroque churches and a dose of the ultra-modern. Art and culture, whether it be opera or live music, is cherished by the locals so be sure to venture out after dark to discover another side of Germany.

There’s also a lot more to Germany’s food scene than the ubiquitous (but delicious) bratwurst and black forest cake. Each region has its own distinct and unique culture so seek out alternatives such as seasonal white asparagus, egg noodles known as spätzle, and Rote Grütze, a red fruit pudding.

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Shore Excursions Hamburgo

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Shore Excursions Berlín

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Shore Exursions Rostok

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