Shore Excursions Emirates


Shore Excursions Emirates

Book now the best shore excursions in the Emirates. High quality and safety at the lowest prices.

Are you looking for a way to learn about the art and history of the oriental culture? You’re in the right place: Ancora Tours offers you the best Shore Excursions Emirates. Our guided tours will allow you to discover these exotic countries without spending too much.

We offer you the best alternative to find out the Emirates and Persian Gulf as well as possible. Let yourself be conquered by the fascinating dunes, mosques, picturesque villages. Relax watching the sunset from the luxurious buildings and the coast of Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

Book now online the real best excursions in the Emirates for cruise passengers and live a real adventure in the heart of history.

Best Shore Excursions Emirates 2017


Shore Excursions Abu Dhabi

Price: 33 euros

Duration: 4 hours


Shore Excursions Dubai

Price: 31 euros

Duration: 4 hours

To book your Shore Excursions Emirates, simply click on one of images above. Choose the one yoi like most and make your holidays more interesting. Don’t miss the chance to visit the Emirates. You will discover some of the most incredible places in the Arab world.