Shore Excursion Giza


Shore Excursion Giza

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To visit the Great Pyramid of Egypt is once in a lifetime experience. You’ll never forget the incredible feeling of being in front of an impressive monument that has existed for more than 3,000 years. From Port Said or the Port of Alexandria we’ll take you to Giza and transport you to an ancient world.


Price: 25€ | Duration: 9 hours | Level Activity: High
Extra Fees: No extra fees
What’s eating: Grilled Corn on the cob and kushari: a traditional Egyptian dish of layered pasta, rice, lentils and tomato sauce.
Souvenir: Miniatures of everything Egyptian: small leather camels filled with sand for the kids, Pyramids, shishas, Alabaster vases, papyrus scrolls and scarabs.
Dress Code: Comfortable walking shoes and sunscreen are recommended.

Shore Excursion Giza: itinerary

Our shore excursion of Giza begins at the Port of Said or the Port of Alexandria depending on your cruise. We journey to Cairo, the Egyptian capital by coach for about three hours.

Arriving at the Giza Pyramid Complex, we begin our adventure into ancient history. This site includes a workers’ village, several cemeteries, an industrial centre and of course, the Great Pyramids.

The largest of these, the Pyramid of Cheops is the only remaining of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Amazingly still standing this breathtaking sight is certainly one on most people’s bucket list! Although constructed around 2500BC, the structure remains largely intact, minus the smooth stone casing which once covered the outside. At almost 150 metres tall, the pyramid was the tallest man-made structure for over 3800 years.

Next on our shore excursion, the iconic Great Sphinx. This mythical creature; half lion, half human, is the largest monolith statue in the world. Carved from a single piece of limestone it is 73 metres long, 19 metres wide and stands 20 meters tall. Believed to have been built during the reign of Pharaoh Khafra, the Great Sphinx is over 4000 years old.

Our journey through time concludes at the Egyptian Museum, in the heart of Cairo. It’s home to more than 120,000 artifacts and antiquities, including the hugely important death mask of Tutankhamun. Made with 11kg of solid gold, it is the most famous ancient Egyptian object and indeed one of the most famous artworks in the world.

Finish the shore excursion of Giza by gazing upon this artifact that was unearthed by Howard Carter in 1925, and seen again for the first time in 3250 years.

*Shore excursions could be subject to variations due to external causes as Cruise Companies politics, weather conditions, duration of the stay of the ship in the port, legal demonstrations