Eastern Mediterranean Shore Excursions


Eastern Mediterranean Shore Excursions

Book now the best shore excursions in the Mediterranean Sea. High quality at the lowest prices.

If your are looking for the best Eastern Mediterranean Shore Excursions, book now the best guided tours at lowest price with Ancora Tours. Since 2003 we offer you official guides in english, transportation and travel insurance, all included. The highest quality at the lowest rates.

An alternative to the expensive shore excursion sold onboard cruise ships. We organise a wide range of cruise excursions in all the major Mediterranean ports of call, book with us and you’ll receive:

  1. Guided Tour in English
  2. Transportation to and from port
  3. Travel and Transportation Insurance

 Eastern Mediterranean Shore Excursions by Ancora Tours. A true alternative.

Eastern Mediterranean Shore Excursions: book now!


Shore Excursions in Cyprus

with Ancora Tours

Don’t miss Limassol during your cruise trip to Cyprus! The second largest city in Cyprus, Limassol has a very important historical heritage, so lets discover it together for just €30!


Shore Excursions in Croatia

with Ancora Tours

Looking out towards the sea, the beautiful coast of this land tempts us to make a trip to two of the most important cities of Croatia: Dubrovnik and Split.  Endless beauty, culture and artistic tradition are waiting for us!


Shore Excursions in Egypt

with Ancora Tours

One of the most ancient civilisations still holds a spell on us all. Discover the intriguing history of Egypt; home to the pyramids and the Great Sphinx.


Shore Excursions in Greece

with Ancora Tours

Rich in charm and history, Greece and its islands are one of the most popular cruise destinations. Today, Greece become even more irresistible thanks to our incredible low prices. Ancona Tours offer a unique mix of top quality and low prices.


Shore Excursions in Israel

with Ancora Tours

Our expert guides will help you explore as much of the religious history of Israel as possible. Book a shore excursion with us to discover this ancient corner of the world.


Shore Excursions in Malta

with Ancora Tours

Situated between Sicily and the North African coast, Malta has a rich history having been ruled by the Romans, Moors, French and British.  Discover the most interesting places in La Valletta with us.


Set your eyes on the beautiful country of Montenegro. We visit the classic Mediterranean cruise destination of Kotor and wander through old and romantic narrow streets, antique monuments and picturesque buildings.


Shore Excursions in Tunis

with Ancora Tours

For ships heading to Tunisia, our shore excursion takes place in Tunis. Head to the old town of the capital for a taste of the oriental but don’t miss the modern soul of its cosmopolitan parts. Nearby is the charming village of Sidi Bou Said.


Shore Excursions in Turkey

with Ancora Tours

Known especially for the beautiful cities of Istanbul and Ephesus, Turkey offers many others interesting places to discover. Visit Alanya, a natural paradise or perhaps relax on one of the beautiful beaches of Bodrum.