Atlantic Europe Shore Excursions


Atlantic Europe Shore Excursions

Book now the best shore excursions in Atlantic Europe. High quality at the lowest prices.

If your are looking for the best Atlantic Europe Shore Excursions, book now the best guided tours at lowest price with Ancora Tours. Since 2003 we offer you official guides in english, transportation and travel insurance, all included. The highest quality at the lowest rates.

We offer you our unique trips as an alternative to the expensive shore excursion sold onboard cruise ships. We organise a wide range of cruise excursions in all the major European ports of call, book with us and you’ll receive:

  1. Guided Tour in English
  2. Transportation to and from port
  3. Travel and Transportation Insurance.

Atlantic Europe Shore Excursions by Ancora Tours. A true alternative.

Atlantic Europe Shore Excursions: low cost


Shore Excursions in Belgium

with Ancora Tours

The bilingual country of Belgium is known for its medieval old towns with a dose of modern, forward thinking. Explore this charming country with us on one of our great value shore excursions.


Shore Excursions in Denmark

with Ancora Tours

In almost every survey undertaken Denmark frequently scores top marks for quality of life. Lets grab some happiness for ourselves and visit the capital, Copenhagen together.


Shore Excursions in Estonia

with Ancora Tours

Estonia might not be many people’s first thought when choosing a holiday destination but actually it has a lot to offer. We explore the medieval town of Tallinn, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Shore Excursions in Finland

with Ancora Tours

Nestled between Sweden and Russia, Finland is a gem of the Baltics. It’s just waiting to be explored so lets head there together on an Ancora Tours shore excursion from just €30.


Shore Excursions in France

with Ancora Tours

As much as we love the Eiffel Tower, there’s much more to France than just Paris. Explore medieval towns, classic architecture and stunning coastal resorts with an Ancora Tours shore excursion.


Shore Excursions in Germany

with Ancora Tours

As well as the buzzing capital of Berlin, we explore Hamburg; ‘the gateway to the world’ and the Gothic town of Rostock. Discover the sights of Germany from just €32.


Shore Excursions in Latvia

with Ancora Tours

You might not know what to expect from Latvia, but we’re sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Riga, the capital, is known for its art nouveau architecture and medieval Old Town.


With its famous flat landscape and many canals, the Netherlands is a well known tourist destination. Our Amsterdam shore excursion though, will show you more than just windmills and tulips.


Shore Excursions in Norway

with Ancora Tours

Norway is a country with a lot to offer. Our many shore excursions explore stunning fjords, ancient settlements, typical wooden architectural and of course Viking history.

lisbon shore excursions

Shore Excursions in Portugal

with Ancora Tours

Portugal is a charming country with an intriguing history. From just €20 we can explore the rich city of  Lisbon together. We’ll show you all the top attractions.


Shore Excursions in Spain

with Ancora Tours

From the coastal city of Alicante, to the modernism of Bilbao, the sandy colours of Seville and the unique architecture of Barcelona, there’s really something for everyone.


Shore Excursions in Sweden

with Ancora Tours

Known as peaceful and friendly nation, Sweden is a great choice for travellers. Explore the sights of Stockholm and Gothenburg with us from just €47.


Our best excursions in the United Kingdom will allow you to discover the beauties of cities such as London, Newcastle, Edinburgh and Invergordon at the lowest prices.


Shore Excursions in Ukraine

with Ancora Tours

Ukraine is a large country in Eastern Europe known for its Orthodox churches, Black Sea coastline and forested mountains. Explore with us from just €14.