8 Travel Tips To Make The Most of Your Cruise

8 Travel Tips To Make The Most of Your Cruise

Icon 12 January 2017
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Cruise travel is an art; it takes time to become an expert. Luckily, we’ve got over ten years experience in this industry so we think we’re pretty good it. That’s why we’ve put together a selection of our very best cruise travel tips for making the most of your time on board and ashore. Read on …


  1. Pack hand luggage wisely – yes, you’ll need your passport and booking documents with you, but it’s also a good idea to include a change of clothes and your swimsuit too. This way you’re free to enjoy to the facilities on board whilst your suitcase is sent to your cabin. Be sure to include any essential medicines and valuables just in case a suitcase is lost.


  1. Get to know the staff – the staff are there to help create a pleasurable and fun holiday for you. That said, they’re also dealing with countless other cruisers, each with their own requests. Taking the time to get to know the staff you see everyday will not only make it a more personal experience for you, they’ll be more likely to provide great service. And at the end of the trip, tip well to show your appreciation.


  1. Be smart with your smartphone – if you don’t have an international plan or local SIM, it makes sense to turn off data roaming and keep calls and texts to a minimum. However, use your smartphone well and it turns into an invaluable resource for your trip. Download free travel maps, guides, currency converters and maybe even a language app to learn a few usual phrases. Don’t forget the charger.


  1. Book shore excursions in advance – the most popular tours fill up quickly so organise your excursion early to avoid disappointment. Make sure you do your research too, excursions sold onboard often come with a hefty overhead in comparision to those organised independently.


  1. Keep healthy – even if you’re normally immune to seasickness, a strong bout of nausea can really ruin your day. Traditional remedies such as green apples or ginger can work wonders, but if you need anything stronger buy it from the pharmacy back home to avoid high prices on board.


  1. Make your cabin cosy – bring along a plug extension to deal with all your gadgets (there’s nothing slower than waiting for a battery to charge) and pack an extra mirror if you think you might need it. Ask a crew member about storage too, you might find hidden space under beds and couches.


  1. Dress smart – this doesn’t necessarily mean tuxes and ball gowns (feel free if you wish!) but think about the dress customs of where you’ll be visiting. Churches and places of worship for example often specify covered shoulders and knees. A large scarf or pashmina can be your best friend to cover up here, not to mention on deck in the evenings when it might get a little chilly.
  2. Don’t miss the boat – possibly the most important cruise travel tip! It’s easy to get lost in a new city or simply underestimate how long it takes to get somewhere. Reaching the port only to see your cruise ship leaving without you is a real nightmare, especially as transfers to the next port can be very expensive. That’s why, when you book a shore excursion with Ancora Tours, we guarantee your return to port.


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