Shore excursions for children: the best for your sons

Shore excursions for children: the best for your sons

Icon 8 February 2017
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If you travel with your kids, here are some tips and ideas to book the best shore excursions for children of all ages. Travel with dad and mom is not boring!

Cruise holidays are the perfect way to forget the modern stress and relax. In addition, if you decide to travel with your children, this is a unique opportunity to make new friends and new experiences.

Today there are a lot a interesting shore excursions for kids you can book. With this guided tours, your children will visit and discover places full of history and culture. They will feel like real Indiana Jones, when walking through the ruins of the ancient Rome or discover the mysteries of The Knights Templar in Malta or Jerusalem.

Shore excursions for children: where to go?


Obviously, if you are about to book tours for young cruise passengers, you have to consider various factors. First, you have to check the itinerary of the cruise line you have booked. Second, verify the best time to visit your favourite destination. Finally, the age of your kids.

If your children still attend elementary school or junior high, they will certainly be fascinated by the myths and legends of the past. We suggest then a beautiful trip in the Greek Islands or maybe even in the ancient polis of Athens and Sparta, wher the famous King Leonidas was born. Egypt and Turkey are also magical places for any kid who love history.

Modern cities offer a lot to your sons. If you book a shore excursion to Valencia, for example, you can take the kids to the famous Oceanographic: they will live an unforgettable experience. An alternative can also be to go hunting for mysteries in Invergordon, the house of Nessie the monster.

Low cost shore excursions for boys and girls


What if you travel with teenagers? You can choose from a wide variety of tourist destinations. With the whole family you can enjoy the best of Europe, from the Baltic Sea to the Persian Gulf. Let’s see togheter the best ideas for shore excursions for boys and girls.

Definitely yo cannot miss to visit, with your sons, the capitals of Europe. Barcelona, Paris, Lisboa, Istanbul, as well as Berlin and Amsterdam. All enchanting places full of art and where your children will come into contact with european peers. One way to broaden their horizons and, hopefully, start to think to a futre study or job experience abroad.

Since 2003, Ancora Tours offert the best guided tours for cruises and also special offers for students.

Best shore excursions for your sons

As you can see, there are many possibilities to have fun on a cruise together with your children. Excursions and guided tours for young cruise passengers, at low cost price, a moment of unity and sharing for all the family.

Who said that traveling with Mom and Dad is boring? If you want to plan the perfect cruise holiday, take your kids with you. Book online the best cruise tours for children and spend unforgettable days with them.

Together, you will build lasting memories.

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