Are shore excursions worth it

Are shore excursions worth it

Icon 5 February 2017
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If you have organized a cruise, by booking cruise excursions you will enjoy and discover many interesting places. But really are shore excursions worth it?

Many people think that cruises are boring. A kind of holidays just perfect for senior people or families with children. Conversely, if you book cruise excursions, you can relax on the ship but also discover many emblematic cities.

Imagine how nice it is to get off the ship and walk among the ruins of Pompeii, visit Ephesus ore the temples of Greece or stroll to the center of Istanbul or the beautiful Paris. If you’re wondering whether it is worth to book shore excursions, the answer is yes.

What are shore excursions


These excursions for cruise passengers are the best way to make your holiday unique. Here are the main reasons why it is worth participating in these tours:

  • Shore excursions are fun.
  • Allow you to make new friends.
  • Show you old traditions and cultures.
  • Are the best way to break the routine.
  • It ‘a way to make exercise and breath fresh air.

Your children will feel like real Indiana Jones. You can take them with you on our shore excursions to Egypt, showing them the Pyramids and the Sphinx. Or even in Valencia, where they will see the Oceanographic, or even to Tenerife, to see the famous island volcano.

What do shore excursions cost


If you’re wondering how much are shore excursions, here is the answer. There are four elements that influence the final price:

  1. Official guide
  2. Transportation (round trip)
  3. Travel insurance
  4. Where you book the excursion (much better online)

Another important key is where the tour will take place. The first thing to do is to choose from the many destinations the one you like most. Check the itinerary and the duration and you’are ready to go.

How to book the best shore excursions

Unfortunately, shore excursions are not cheaper on the ships. The advice I give is to book online these fantastic guided tours. Since 2003, Ancora Tours offers you an online booking service very quick and simple.

Buying these tours for cruise passengers through our web site will allow you to save up to 70% on the normal price of the cruise lines. What are you waiting for? Book online, pack your bags and off you go!

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